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Surface Finishes

When selecting a surface finish, keep in mind the traction needed and the intended users.  Natural stone has pores that improve traction over plastics and porcelains.  Always remember soap and water applied to any surface can become very slippery. Use caution in any shower.  Great care is taken to maintain the natural characteristics of each stone when fabricating all finishes provided.  Our company cannot guarantee stone color to be an exact match to samples, as this is a natural product and subject to variations.


This surface is very smooth.  Polished crystals bring out the brilliant colors and grains of natural stone.  The shine comes from the natural reflection of the stones crystals. (Minimum traction)


Provides a flat, smooth low sheen and is commonly used for high traffic areas. (Medium traction)


Has low sheen with a semi-smooth textured surface that can appear and feel similar to leather. (Medium traction)

Sand Blasted 

This rough surface is the results of a pressurized flow of sand that provides a textured finish, commonly referred to as etched. (Maximum traction)


This is a very rough surface that is developed during fabrication. The stone is wet and heated to cause only the surface crystals to pop loose from stone. (Maximum traction).

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